Core! What a season for these delicious fruit; the trees are heavy and there are opportunities not to be missed. We have been keeping our eyes peeled and scrumping with permission in the village and people have been only too happy to give away their fruit which would otherwise fall to earth. We have collected bags and bags because we have had the loan of Alistairs home made apple press.


Drinking freshly squeezed apple juice is quite simply amazing. I have never tasted anything quite like it – and every batch is a little different, maybe slightly sweeter, or a touch sharp. But every one has been bottled and frozen. Some has been made into cider, some have been cored and dried, and we have also experimented with cider vinegar. We have it stewed with custard or just as it comes.

Visitors to the B+B are also able to buy Sophies Home made Apple Chutney. Fantastic!