Eggs are here!


The primroses have been magnificent. The top garden has been a blanket of bright yellow visable from across the valley. In preparation we have been planting seeds in the greenhouse, young plants in the veg patch, and also have put out two bait out hives in the garden ready to recieve any local swarm of honey bees – we are keeping our finger crossed that they find a home in Silver Cottage garden.

From our first egg (pictured above) we are averaging four eggs a day (66% efficiency), we might be biased but we think the taste is incomparable. We made a batter with beer, flour and our own eggs and deep fried our own dandilion heads which were dusted in icing sugar and drizzled with honey. YUM! Hopefully next year we can use our own honey!

Dandelion Flower Fritters

2 dozen flowers / 1 egg / 150g plain flour / 300ml light beer / oil for frying / icing sugar and honey

Shake off any unwanted bugs from flowers and flatten with paln of your hand. Egg in bowl, whisk in the flour. Gradually add beer until smooth. Heat oil (just enough to cover) and test with a spoonful of batter – if it spits and spreads its too runny (add flour), if doughy add more beer. Fry a few at a time until golden and leave to dry on kitchen towel.