Sailing to Lundy on Anastasia

The sun rose up on a sparkling Tuesday morning giving near perfect conditions to visit to a massive lump of granite 24 miles off the North Devon Coast. I have been aching to sail since moving here and Al kindly invited me aboard his boat and literally showed me the ropes.  Anastasia is a 30ft sloop moored in Watermouth Bay; Watermouth is a picturesque secluded natural harbour and is only a short drive from Braunton. Anastasia’s skipper is Alistair, our neighbour, good friend and an experienced sailor.


Lundy is a unique island with a slightly unworldy spooky medieval atmosphere, but in a good way. if you fancy a trip to this wonderful 400ft rock, wrap up warm and board The Waverley or Oldenburg, both sail from Ilfracombe.