Monday was a beautiful summers day and that morning I recieved a phone call from Paul who was told to ring me by Ken, who was called by his mate in the Apiary Club, who was called by Jay, who had a swarm of bees in his hedge. Ken has kept two hives behind the burrows for years and with his experience he was able to convince this local swarm that an old champagne crate would be a better place for their queen. An hour later, with most of the swarm comfortably inside their temporary home, they were swiftly transported from Pixie Lane to Silver Cottage HQ inside Kens silver car.

With the lid off, and a firm slap on the back of the box, the swarm was dumped onto their new abode on our top garden. Unfazed, they very quickly and efficiently settled into the frames. I have looked up at the hive this morning and there is a definate buzz up there – I hope they have had a good nights sleep and are ready for action in our valley.

It looks like we are getting closer to our dream of having our own honey on the B+B breakfast table.