Admin User Guide

This is a brief guide to help you administer your website.


Images are best in landscape.   They should be a minimum of 1024 pixels in width and/or height.  When you upload an image wordpress will create minimum four sizes of image for you automatically:

  1. Full Size – As you upload it.
  2. Large – Max Width or Height will be 1024.
  3. Medium – Max Width or Height will be 1024.
  4. Thumbnail – 150 x 150 cropped square.
  5. Slideshow – 520 x 390 landscape cropped (4:3 ratio)


The Cottage, About Us and Home Pages all have a slideshow on the right hand side.  You can add and remove images from this slideshow by going to the page edit option, clicking on add media and changing the drop down to show media uploaded to this page.   Only media/images uploaded directly to the page will appear in the slideshow.   If you would like images to appear in the page but not in the slideshow then upload them directly via the media tab on the left and then insert them into the page as you would normally.

In summary, images uploaded through the page will appear in the slideshow.  Images uploaded via the media manager and then used in the page will not appear in the slideshow.

screenshot_785News and Local Area

The image to the left shows how the post categories are now arranged.  You do not need to worry about tags.   The news page is set up so that posts will be timely and will slowly disappear gracefully.   Anything under local area will remain visible and in alphabetical order inside its category.   On the main Local Area page a small random selection are shown.

For a post to appear on the homepage you must make it sticky.  This can be achieved by editing the visibility setting inside the publish box (top right)

The News and Local Area Post sections do not have additional slideshows so you are free to upload images directly into the posts.  On the summary pages you will notice a single featured image:

  1. The first check for this image is whether a featured image has been set – lower right hand side of the edit post page.
  2. If no featured image has been set then wordpress will try and randomly select an image from those inserted into the post.
  3. Finally if no images are available it will use the grey logo.

Additionally you will notice text appears next to the featured image.   This can also be controlled by writing your own excerpt in the box titled Excerpt that appears under the main text editor in the post edit page.